QGIS Grant Program - Part 1: QGIS Server, OGC tests and continuous integration


Every year, QGIS.org provides funding for improving the QGIS ecosystem on too often neglected subjects like refactoring, packaging or upstream studies. In light of this event, called QGIS Grant Program, some ideas proposed by the QCooperative team have been accepted by the voting members:

  • QGIS Server, OGC tests and Continuous Integration
  • QGIS Quality Assurance methodology and infrastructure
  • QGIS Server and performance monitoring

In this first article out of three, we are going to focus on the former topic. Indeed, QGIS Server is certified for WMS 1.3.0 for several years now and nightly tests on the master branch allows to ensure that the server is still compliant. While being a solid first step, checking the compliance on master and not on new developments may lead to regressions which need to be fixed afterwards.

Since “prevention is better than cure”, we proposed to reinforce the current continuous integration mechanism to run these OGC tests before merging a new development. For now, we focused on the WMS 1.3.0 testsuite.


OGC tests are performed with TeamEngine and may be executed in two different ways: through a GUI in a web browser or with a REST API. For the need of automation, the latter is preferred but leads to the need of parsing the results to be human readable and easily understandable in a continuous integration context.

In this regard, a very simple Python tool named pyogctest has been developed. Thanks to this command line application, only the map server URL is necessary to run the WMS 1.3.0 testsuite. Then, corresponding results are displayed “à la” pytest:

$ ./pyogctest.py -s wms130 -u http://qgisserver
=========================== OGC test session starts ============================
testsuite: WMS 1.3.0
collected 183 items

data-independent ...............................................................
data-preconditions .
basic ......
recommendations .........
queryable .........

=========================== 183 passed in 69 seconds ===========================

Continuous integration

Once implemented, a new OGC tests for QGIS Server action has been added in the continuous integration mechanism of QGIS and based on pyogctest. This way, OGC tests for the WMS 1.3.0 protocol are now run for each new development impacting the behavior of QGIS Server.

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What’s next?

Thanks to the 2020 QGIS Grant Programm, QGIS Server reached a new step regarding the quality assurance. Indeed, the WMS 1.3.0 compliance is now a mandatory requirement for all new developments wishing to be merged in QGIS. Henceworth, our next objective is to reach the same maturity regarding the OGC API Features protocol.

See you soon for talking about quality assurrance and QGIS Desktop!