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About Us

We're Core

We are core QGIS developers, spatial analysts, trainers, and testers.

We're Open

We work with open source tools and contribute features and bug fixes back to QGIS.

We're Global

Our team members are located around the world and collectively we speak six languages.


We Are Your QGIS Support Team

Whether you are downloading QGIS for the first time or looking for core feature development, we have the skills and experience to meet your needs. QCooperative is an international group of professional developers, spatial analysts, trainers, testers and documenters working together to provide a broad range of suppport services for the leading Open Source GIS - QGIS.

Committed to Open Source ethics, we are proud and active members in many key GIS related communities and projects.

Spatially enabled

With a wide range of backgrounds from agriculture to conservation, from remote sensing to GIS data processing, we have the experience to identify and deliver the best solutions for your GIS challenges.

Agile and international

QCooperative is the newest configuration of team members who have worked together for years. Based mainly in North America and Europe we work as a distributed team with "agile" methodology. We are multilingual and currently serve clients on four continents.

Our Services

GIS development

We are core developers creating plugins and core features to make QGIS work for you.


We are experienced educators providing people of all backgrounds with the knowledge needed to use both QGIS Desktop and QGIS Server with confidence.

Ready for the Web?

We provide the most advanced applications to publish maps and analysis to the web, and tailor them to suit your most demanding requirements.

Spatial analysis

As experts in processing spatial data and extracting the useful information you need, we help you build efficient geoprocessing pipelines for vector data and raster imagery.

Point cloud processing

We process and serve point cloud data acquired via aerial or mobile LIDAR sensors and extract valuable derived data.

Quality assurance

Encountering an annoying bug? We can fix it! We run manual and automated tests on different platforms and fix bugs upstream in QGIS and in the most common open source GIS libraries.

Qualified support

Need help solving a GIS processing problem or data issue? We help you work through those tricky issues with individualized attention and customized support plans.

Our Skills

Skilled Professionals Offering Open Source GIS Support and Services

We help businesses grow by leveraging the most advanced open-source spatial analysis and data processing technology.

  • QGIS Core Development

  • QGIS Plugin Development

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Point Cloud processing

  • Training

  • Support

  • QA and Testing

  • Cartography and Data Visualization

Our Team


Alessandro Pasotti

Python/C++ Developer

Alessandro has more than 15 years experience on developing GIS driven desktop and web applications. He is a QGIS core developer and proud member of the QGIS community.


Alexandre Neto

Spatial Analysis/Training

With an MSc in GIS, Alexandre is a specialist in spatial analysis, cartography and spatial data management. He is a core contributor to QGIS user and training manuals.


Alexander Bruy

Python/C++ Developer

Alexander has more that 10 years experience with opensource GIS, focusing on QGIS core and plugins development. He is a QGIS core developer and OSGeo advocate.


Giovanni Manghi


Giovanni is a founding partner of OSGeo Portugal and the Portuguese QGIS user group. He has over 10 years of experience in open source GIS, with a special focus on training, quality assurance/testing and implementing spatial infrastructures.


Hans van der Kwast

Spatial Analysis/Remote Sensing/Training

Hans is a physical geographer specialised in QGIS for hydrological applications. He is co-founder of the Dutch QGIS User Group and developer of the PCRaster Tools plugin. He has 20 years of experience in GIS education and projects.


Luigi Pirelli

Python/C++ Developer

Luigi has more than 20 years of experience developing GIS and earth observation solutions. He is a QGIS core developer specializing in bug fixing, plugin development, point cloud processing and technical training. He is the founder of the Italian OSGeo local chapter and Spanish QGIS User Group.


Paul Blottiere

Python/C++ Developer

Paul is a GIS software engineer with a pronounced passion for teaching and training. He is a QGIS core committer and system administrator for the OGC certifications infrastructure of QGIS Server.


Victor Olaya

Python Developer

Victor is the creator of the QGIS Processing framework and has more than 10 years of experience developing algorithms and tools for spatial data analysis.


Tudor Bărăscu

Python Developer

Tudor is a mechanical engineer and a QGIS contributor. He has extensive experience in QGIS deployments (Desktop, Server, Web, data models) for public utilities companies. Also a QGIS trainer, he loves teaching and promoting QGIS all over the world. He is also a OSGeo charter member, member of the romanian OSGeo local chapter and of the local QGIS organisation.

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